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leather patch on a hat
embroidered patch on a hat
Cardinal Apparel uses new 3M technology to apply heat transfer patches to any style of hat. This provides the exact same look as an embroidered hat, but without the uncomfortable stitching. These patches come in many different styles, which you can find detailed below.
Our sales team is fluent in the popular Richardson hat styles; if you’re looking for a different brand or style, we’re happy to help you find it. Our patches can also be applied to book bags, tote bags, and almost any other form of apparel. Minimum order is 25.
  1. Embroidered – Embroidered patches have a slightly raised texture; they’re identical to a traditionally embroidered design, but easier and more comfortable to wear. Fully embroidered logos are available in up to six thread colors.
  2. 3D Embroidered – Take your brand to new heights with custom dimensional designs. These 3D embroidered patches allow you to add premium logos to hats, and are commonly used by the MLB and NBA. With a large selection of thread and background colors to choose from, it’s simple to create a bold, high-end look for any job.
  3. PVC – Turn your logo or design into modern, dimensional patches that stand out from the crowd. The high-end rubber look, flat matte finish and bright colors are right on-trend, appealing to a wide range of markets. PVC patches are soft and flexible, yet durable enough to withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for heavier apparel and outerwear.
  4. Print Stitch – Print stitch patches blend two of the most popular methods of decoration into one remarkable effect. These speciality patches combine embroidery and sublimation for a photo-realistic finish that offers the color, texture and dimension of traditional stitching. 
  5. Genuine Leather – These patches include custom logos that are laser-etched into genuine leather, offering intricate detail and a rugged, yet refined look. Choose from a selection of colors and finishes to bring your design to life.
  6. Faux Leather – These provide the same upscale look as real leather, but in a faux animal-free alternative. Choose from four color options, each with a consistent finish, to create elevated hats.
  7. Faux Suede – Available in over 20 color choices, with these patches, your custom logo is laser-etched for a trendy tone-on-tone finish. The soft, velvety feel makes them perfect for decorating hats. Faux suede patches are available either borderless or with a stitched border.