Cardinal Apparel offers solutions for corporations large and small. We consistently work with large touring artists, major league sports teams and retailers/franchises with multiple locations. Whether you are a small brand just getting started or a large brand dropshipping across the country, we have printing solutions for you.

t shirts being screen printed

Retail Merchandise – At Cardinal Apparel, we are accustomed to working with high-end apparel with high MSRPs (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). Our goal is for our retailers to achieve a 300% markup. Our presses produce the smoothest prints in the industry, and we use premium inks that, when washed properly, will never crack. Our sales team can guide you through all of the apparel options we offer in order to fully stock your retail operations. See our apparel page for all options.

Branding – Take your brand to the next level by adding your own tags. Cardinal Apparel offers screen-printed neck tags and cardstock hang tags. Add 10-20% to your margin by removing the factory tag and truly making your own brand. Folding, poly bagging and size stickers are also available for retailers that dropship. We guarantee that when the shirts get to you they will be ready for shipping or the shelf, with no wasted time on your end.

Distribution Solutions – Our storage and shipping solutions save money for retailers on the go or for anyone restricted on inventory space. Large orders can be stored in our warehouse; we will properly inventory them and ship them out periodically to meet demands. For merchandisers with multiple dates, venues and locations, we can print in larger quantities with on-demand shipping. We’ll solve last-minute shortages in 24 hours so that you never sell out.

Workforce and Uniform Apparel – Cardinal Apparel provides solutions for a range of work settings. We offer UV-resistant wicking shirts for long days in the sun, Carhartt and Dickies for harder environments, certified safety vests for visibility and more. Don’t forget your hats as well! We’ll help you ensure your team is protected, visible, comfortable and insurance compliant.

Promotional Products – Towels, koozies, tote bags, coffee mugs, golf balls, umbrellas, water bottles, socks, license plates…you name it, we can print it. We provide promotional services for a long list of trusted vendors, and we would be happy to add your name. Bundling these products with your apparel order can continue to keep your overall costs down as well.